Shannon Brown 22 Points Full Highlights (12/17/2012)

Shannon “Shan-Wow” Brown is known in NBA circles primarily for his ability to jump off the ground really high and put an orange ball into a ring. More observant NBA fans will notice that he is also very fond of throwing an orange ball from a great distance into the same ring. What I wonder is, why do people pay good money to watch these tall guys put balls in rings for hours and hours? More to the point, why do people watch YouTube videos of the same? What’s the true meaning here? 22 points on 10-of-13 “shooting” (as they call it) sounds okay I guess, but I could assign points to any arbitrary task that I accomplish during the day, and that doesn’t mean people are going to pay to watch me do it.

All clips property of the NBA. No copyright infringement is intended. But why would you want to copyright video of people putting balls into rings?

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