Shelvin Mack Career High 12 Points/9 Assists Full Highlights (3/29/2013)

Shelvin, I know you’re reading this. No third-string point guard can resist reading what’s written about him on the internet. I want to make you a deal. I become your official highlight maker and distributor, and you send me a thousand bucks a week via money order. It’ll be perfect. Your name will get out there, and I’ll never have to do any work except splice together some clips from NBA games. Believe me, I charge a lot less than some other guys out there. Dawk Ins’ rates are through the roof, and Stylish80 charged so much that he got banned from YouTube. I take care of my clients. Teams will be falling all over themselves to sign you if you make this deal. I will make you look like a god. It will be so based.

I have sent you the needed documentation. Just sign where it says to sign and I’ll take care of the rest.

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