Bradley Beal 24 Points/6 Threes Full Highlights (3/31/2013)

“Hey Brad!”


“Great game, tonight. You shot the hell out of the ball!”

“Hey, thanks a bunch, Cartier.”

“You got the attention of the people in the stands tonight, that’s for sure. You even, uh, got the attention of someone special tonight, did you notice?”

“Oh, you mean Denise? No I didn’t notice. I’m over her now man, everyone knows she has the herpes.”

“What? Oh man, why didn’t anyone tell me? I never woulda gone for her if I had known! Damn!”

“Didn’t Jan tell you? Whatever, you better check in with your doctor. And remember the immortal advice of the elders.”

“Yeah? And what the hell might that be?”

“Wrap it before you tap it.”

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