Courtney Lee 20 Points/1 Dunk Full Highlights (4/13/2013)

feel bad for any player who had to play on that god-awful 09-10 Nets team. And Courtney Lee was actually the third-best player on that squad, which means he shoulders more of the shame than scrubs like Eddie Najera and Josh Boone. That must have been the most profoundly disheartening experience in Courtney’s life. Except…

This was it. He was going to finally talk to his crush after all these years of silence. There she was! She looked beautiful. His feet almost halted with the force of his admiration, but he forced himself onward. “Hey Trisha, I was wondering, do you have a date for the homecoming dance next week?”

Trisha smiled and played with her hair flirtatiously. “No…”

“Great! Would you like to, you know, be my date?”

“Well…it turns out that I actually don’t go to dances with tall ugly losers like you.” With that pronouncement, Trisha continued on joyfully to her next class. For appearances’ sake, Courtney outwardly brushed it off, but inside him, something had broken. It was his heart.

He would never love again.

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