Gerald Green 15 Points/2 Dunks Full Highlights (4/24/2013)

Oh man.

I had to break into some dude’s house to upload these Gerald Green highlights, given my current, um, unfavorable circumstances. Apparently people still do the “house key under the doormat” thing. Anyway, let me tell you, his dog would not shut up. Barking nonstop. I was getting pretty antsy, paranoid about it alerting the neighbors, and I just kind of, you know…

Hey, we’ve all done stuff we regret, right?

My only solace is that Gerald Green threw down two SICK JAMS. Sicker than my current mental state, and that’s no small feat.

Now I think I’m gonna go raid this guy’s fridge and then maybe get out of here. Every little noise is sounding like a siren.

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