Miroslav Raduljica 12 Points Full Highlights (12/14/2013)

Question: Which foreign-born Bucks rookie is gonna be a total beast after he acclimates to the speed of the NBA game and learns to use his physical gifts to his advantage?

Answer: Miroslav Raduljica. I know what you’re thinking. “Why not Nate Wolters?”. It’s a simple mistake to make, but Minnesota actually IS part of the USA. I know. I forget sometimes too.

Anyway, Raduljica has now put up double-digit scoring numbers in his last two games. Who cares if all his damage was done in garbage-time? The Bucks season itself is all garbage-time. He’s shown that he can use is his immense size to bully opposing players out of the way, as well as drive to the basket with his surprising foot speed. He might be slow running up the court, but when it comes to scoring opportunities he can’t be denied!

If everything goes right for him he can be Nikola Pekovic 0.5, which is pretty good. I can even imagine him starting a few games is the Bucks’ coaches decide that Henson is really a PF and Udoh just plain sucks.

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