Shaun Livingston 24 Points Full Highlights (2/1/2014)

Shaun Livingston awoke from his nap on the team bus to find that his teammates had played a prank on him. Taking off his headphones, he chastised Jason Terry, who was sitting across the aisle. “Real funny dude. ‘Let’s just strap fake bombs to Shaun’s knees, he’ll think its a riot!’ You have to be more sensitive towards others’ injuries.”

Reaching down to remove the realistic-looking hunks of plastic, Shaun found that he could not find a way to unlatch them. “Okay, okay, you got me. I have exploding knees. Funny! Now somebody help me get these damn things off before I get mad.”

Paul Pierce popped his head over the seat, laughing. “That’s the funny part! They don’t come off until they’re detonated. The problem is, a lot of other stuff comes off too.”

“What do you mean, detonated? They’re not real bombs, are they?” Shaun asked, panic rising in his voice. “Paul, joke’s over man, get these things off me.”

“All I have to do is call the embedded cell phone and boom goes the dynamite!” Paul explained, pulling out his iPhone and dialing a number. Shaun made a desperate swipe at the phone, but Paul snatched it from his reach. “Just sit still, Shaun. I promise that next time I fall asleep on the bus, you can play whatever pranks you want.”

Crying in his seat, hands over face, Shaun pleaded, “Please God, don’t do this to me!” He could hear the sounds of a call being placed from Paul’s Phone.

Suddenly, the devices exploded, shrapnel flying through the air. Shaun began to scream in agony. “AAAAAAAAH! MY KNEES! MY KNEES! THEY’RE GOOOOOOOOOOOOONE!

“Dude, it’s not that bad,” Paul said. “Just uncover your eyes. It’s not like we did any real damage. We still want you to play.”

Shaun peeked through a slit in his fingers to find both of his knees totally decimated. He could see the remains of his shredded tendons and kneecaps. “AAAAAHHH!!”

Meanwhile, the entire bus shook with laughter. Paul clapped a hand on Shaun’s shoulder as he wept. “We really got you good, Shaun!”

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