Robin Lopez 19 Points Full Highlights (11/12/2014)

What blows my mind is that the Portland Trailblazers scored in 84 in the first half…while starting Allen Crabbe. Forget about Robin Lopez for a second. He doesn’t matter right now. Allen Crabbe! My brain doesn’t know how to handle this information. It’s all I can do to play simplistic Flash games while I wait for the pulsing pink mass in my skull to bring itself back to reality.

Allen Crabbe…84 points…no way.


The Fropez did his part, scoring 15 in the first half. Then he didn’t play the entire fourth quarter so we didn’t even get to see him score thirty. If you’re up by that much, those are your chances to try to force low-scoring role-players into high-scoring performances. A Meyers Leonard exhibition would have been sick.

Allen friggin’ Crabbe.

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