Michael Carter-Williams Triple Double 15 Pts/11 Asts/11 Rebs Full Highlights (12/13/2014)

I sometimes feel like Michael Carter-Williams gets too much flak. Yeah, he’s not perfect, he isn’t a great shooter and turns it over too much, but look at his team. There isn’t a player in the league whose stats wouldn’t be negatively affected by this tank brigade.

I think this is a fair criticism of the 76ers; their team is just so bad that it drags down the development of the actual talent on the roster. How is MCW supposed to get better when there is no one around to take the pressure off of him? Nerlens Noel should never shoot if he’s not dunking, and on a reasonable team never would. Not in Philly.

The fact that Carter-Williams can acquire the amount of assists that he does is impressive. This triple double, impressive as well. So what if he maybe hurt his team down the stretch? He got ten or more in three categories, and didn’t even have to blatantly chase rebounds to do it.

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