Wesley Matthews 25 Points/7 Threes Full Highlights (1/17/2015)

The hype train for Wesley Matthews remains disturbingly empty. I walk amongst the cars, taking a break from my conductorly duties, and see only a few older gentlemen, asleep on the seats, dressed in well-worn Walton jerseys. In the rear I stumble upon a contingent of fans from his alma mater, Marquette, and from his high school. All in all, maybe only 20 or so fans aboard. I return to the engine, and stare out the window as the landscape passes by. Where are the Matthews fans?

This is ridiculous. The guy is leading the league in threes! More threes than both Stephen Curry and Kyle Korver, who both have no end of fanboys eagerly waiting to slobber their knobs! I just don’t get it. An undrafted player who already leads his franchise in total treys made? This kind of nothing-to-something story should get everyone hyped.

Fine. Screw you guys. I LIKE having the train empty. We are the true diehards, and when Wes wins his 1st MVP before leading the Blazers to the 2021 championship, we will look at all you nonbelievers and laugh.

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