Anthony Morrow 22 Points/6 Threes Full Highlights (4/5/2015)

I have been a passenger on the Anthony Morrow hype train for five years now. Before everybody was getting all hyped about three-point specialists, I was a believer. So if any of you losers watching this video have only recently boarded the Morrow hype train, I command you to get off it right now. There is no room for bandwagon Anthony Morrow fans on this train. There is only room for true fans who appreciated him before he went to a high-profile team like OKC.

That means all Thunder fans are automatically barred from coming on to the hype train. It is more than likely that they only started truly appreciating Morrow when he started playing for their team. You can call this discrimination; I call it “weeding out the unworthy”. I reiterate, bandwagoners are scum lower than Laker fans.

I love having this place to myself.

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