Andre Iguodala 16 Points/4 Dunks Full Highlights (5/13/2015)

I’ve complained about this before, but I’m going to complain about it again: I hate (HATE) when home crowds get stirred into an ecstatic frenzy by exciting plays made by their team. Just sit down, losers. People are trying to seriously watch the game and they don’t want to see you wave your arms and scream like all semblance of civilized thought has escaped your brain.

It is mostly Andre Iguodala’s fault that the Oracle Arena crowd was so annoyingly hyped. He kept doing showtime dunks instead of just executing below-the-rim layups like he should have been. And the way he was showing emotion and pumping up the crowd after those dunks showed total ignorance of the needs of the average NBA fan who doesn’t want to watch other fans having a good time.

I actually had to turn the game off near the end and just switch off all my lights and sit alone in the darkness, sleepless, for the whole night. Even then, I could still hear the cheers and whoops of the fans in the stands. I still hear them as I write this. It enrages me that a person could feel such unbridled jubilation. They should only let the staidest of fans into the arena and rip up the tickets of anybody who looks like they might try to do anything other than sit silently and eat chicken fingers.

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