Kosta Koufos 16 Points Full Highlights (11/4/2015)

I’m well aware that, in typing these words, I will come across as a man who places too much concern in the physical appearance of other men. However, these words yearn to be released from my heart. I can hardly go another minute without expressing them.

Kosta Koufos might be the ugliest player in the NBA. And I’m not talking about his play style.

There are three major problems: he has a huge schnozz, he’s balding, and he looks like he’s three decades older than he actually is. Can you believe he’s only 26? When people say they believe in a God, I just point at Kosta Koufos and ask them how a nominally “benevolent” deity could burden his creation with such cruel hideousness.

If Kosta ever reads this, I’m sorry bro. You can take comfort in the fact that at least you’re a millionaire ugly person, rather than a poor ugly person.

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