Andre Drummond 24 Points Full Highlights (11/30/2015)

Does anyone know how to start one of those online petitions where if you get enough signatures the White House has to issue a statement about the problem or whatever? Because it’s time that Andre Drummond started shooting free throws underhand. Obama might be the only one who can force him to do it.

It’s getting out of hand. 4 of 18 should be embarrassing for any man with an ounce of pride (I guess he can just point to DeAndre missing 22 of them to deflect criticism). He could more easily avoid the mockery by just making the shots, even if they’re granny style. At this point, it’s obvious that whatever he is doing, whatever improvement in his form he has tried to implement, its all simply not working. Not even a bit. Any improvement is a mirage caused by small sample sizes.

Should I tweet at him? Getting Obama to address this issue seems like a tall order. Would he listen to a B-Level YouTube highlight maker? Maybe if I threatened him with showing all of the misses? I almost did that for this one.

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