Andre Drummond Career High 33 Points Full Highlights (12/18/2015)

Alright, I know I said that I was only going to care about on-court explots from now on. I said it, and I mean to follow through with it, but man, some things are just too much to ignore.

Like Andre Drummond’s shoulder hair.

I mean, what the hell? It’s like a carpet. A prickly black carpet. He has the most disgusting shoulders in the league, right up there with Zaza Pachulia’s pizza shoulders. Given the sitch upstairs, I don’t even want to think about the sitch downstairs. Nope. Not even thinking about it.

God damn.

I’m done. Back to on-court exploits only for Andre Drummond. Let’s see. He scored a career-high 33 points, but that comes with a HUGE asterisk. 54 minutes played in a quadruple-overtime game, it was the perfect time for him to flex his scoring muscle repeatedly. A barrage of early Gasol-dominating post moves gave way to his usual slams and easy buckets, followed by him finally fouling out after playing all the overtimes with 5 fouls.

I’m impressed, and still not at all thinking anything else about Andre other than his sweet performance tonight.

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