John Henson 18 Points Full Highlights (4/10/2016)

This game served as a reminder as to why John Henson has completely stopped shooting jumpshots. You’re not going to see it in this video because it’s not a lowlight video, so I’ll just tell you how it went down: Henson got the ball near the top of the key. Nobody was near him. Nobody even pretended like they would go out and guard him. He had about five seconds to wind it up and shoot the ball exactly how he wanted. So he shot it.

And he missed everything. As they say in Buffalo, it was wide right, except in this case it was actually wide left. By about a foot. I think it was also long. It might have banked in if it hadn’t missed the backboard completely. The only thing that could have made it worse is if Henson had posed Perkins-style after shooting it. When I saw it I wanted to die.

Henson used to shoot jumpers. His rookie year saw him attempt quite a few of them. He was very bad at them back then, but there was always hope in this Bucks’ fan’s heart that he would improve to be a serviceable jumpshooter. How foolish of me. I have now accepted that Henson will forever be limited to hook shots and dunks. I have also accepted that he will never be a very good free throw shooter, and his six-of-six from the line this game isn’t changing my mind.

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