Andre Iguodala 22 Points Full Highlights (4/24/2016)

Everyone’s all concerned about Stephen Curry’s knee injury, but did you see what happened just before that? Andre Iguodala went in for a jam, executed the jam successfully, and then landed right on his ass. Hard. He landed hard right on his ass. Ouch! It really looked like it hurt, too, because he didn’t get up right away. I know if I landed like that from such a great height, I wouldn’t be able to crap properly for like a month.

No one cares about Iguodala’s feelings. He got a boo-boo just as bad as Curry did, but since Curry is the big great superstar, nobody has any time to pay attention to poor little Iggy. I’d be pissed if I were him. His pain is just as real as Curry’s, and it isn’t fair that Curry gets all the sympathy and he receives none. It’s just not fair.

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