Andre Iguodala 15 Points/6 Assists Full Highlights (6/13/2016)

I could, very easily, grab the low-hanging fruit (Get it? “Low-hanging”? “Fruit”? [I’m talking about balls!!!!!(TESTICLES LOL)]) regarding Andre Iguodala starting in place of Draymond Green, but that would be tacky of me. I will not smirch Andre’s name with classless jokes about going nut-hunting. I’ve long since forgiven him for being the mole back when the Warriors upset his Nuggets in the playoffs, and I consider his current level of classiness to fully offset Draymond’s ill-mannered behavior.

In lieu of funny words, I will instead offer this observation: Damn, did the Cavs just totally embarrass the Warriors or what? Iggy did his part and performed well, but LeBron had one of the best games in Finals history while Kyrie Irving made Stephen Curry his own personal bitchslave. Maybe it was destined to be this way with or without Draymond; in any case, his scrotal fixation not only gives NBA fans another game to enjoy, but also gives them another few days of annoying speculation and BS storylines covering everything except the actual basketball. Hooray!

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