2015-16 Season All Field Goals Full Highlights (2015-16 Full-ilation Part 2/447)

I don’t know why everybody thought I was joking when I made part one of my 2015-16 season fullilation. Why would I joke about a project with such a plainly admirable goal? The concept of “full highlights” has been expanded to its fullest possible extent. There could be no highlights more full than a series of videos depicting every single converted field goal of an NBA season. And I intend to create that series.

I was disappointed when I read the comments for the first video, which can be found here: https://youtu.be/bfDh1wr677I . Those comments all share a common sense of disbelief. Apparently, when confronted with that which they do not understand, YouTube users will presume that the video uploader is “joking” or otherwise not being serious.


jyhluk writes “good luck fam”. Clearly his words are sarcastic. Neither he nor any of his 81 up-thumbers believe that I will see my project through to completion. Looking pretty stupid now, huh?

ADAJ3 writes “April fools joke?”. Obviously not. April Fool’s is long past yet here I am making part two of my series. As the kids say, “wrecked”.

Bootum Bootum writes “This has to be a Fucking joke. For your sake I pray it is”. Why would I joke about such a serious topic as highlight videos? Especially when presenting a project of such unprecedented scope? And since when have I ever joked about my videos? Also, the attack on my physical worthiness to undertake this project is way not cool.

bbdog141414 writes “What the fuck kind of a video is this.”. First, bro, questions end with a question mark. That’s your first problem. Second problem is, your brain is too small to comprehend the onrushing demise of the global highlight paradigm. Maybe there are some Minecraft let’s-plays that would be more to your liking.

Gavin Lemke writes “This kid must be bored af”. DTB is not a kid and he is not bored. He is simply dedicated. The only bored people are the ones whose lives are not enriched by my fullilation.

MrCleanMachine98 writes “I’m sorry but there is no way you finish this unless…well lol”. Unless what? Are you doubting my dedication? Haters are welcome to unsubscribe. In fact, haters are ENCOURAGED to unsubscribe.

Kj Xero writes “fam go get some pussy…”. This guy must not be aware that I have sworn off women forever. Even the cute latina in the apartment upstairs from mine. Highlights are my pussy.

chitownkidd33 writes “ALL HAIL THE GOAT DTB”. Finally somebody has a true, deep appreciation for my unheralded yet genius artistic endeavors.

If anybody else would like to humiliate themselves by posting ignorant comments on this video, they are welcome to. I will no longer be refuting all of your misguided ramblings. Parts 3-447 will not have video descriptions. Only buckets.

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