E’Twaun Moore 18 Points Full Highlights (10/29/2016)

Was there a less heralded free-agent signing this year than E’Twaun M’oore going to the Pelicans?

Before we go any further, the above sentence is a primo example of “Betteridge’s Law of Headlines”, which states “any headline that ends in a question mark can be answered by the word no”. The phrase in question is not really a headline, but the law is still completely pertinent. Because I think every single transaction this offseason got more attention than a below average team acquiring “M’oore A’Postrophes”.

Even Justin Hamilton signing with the Nets.

It’s a shame, but E’Twaun is simply not an exciting player. The Pelicans, because everyone for some reason has decided to throw shade on Anthony Davis, are one of the least talked-about teams. This video aims to change that. I say aims, but it likely won’t do much to turn the unrelenting tide of not caring about this dude. That’s cool. It will still be here when he and Davis and Frazier form a big three and take the Pels to the Western Confrence semis and you want to see where it all began.

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