Tyus Jones 12 Points/7 Assists Full Highlights (11/8/2016)

Damn man, I was making this video, and you know what I noticed? Tyus Jones kind of looks like Jabari Parker. Look at that thumbnail. That could be Jabari in the thumbnail with a couple of photoshop filters applied to him. And a photoshopped crappy goatee. For real.

The other thing I noticed while making this video is that Tyus is sort of point-guard like, while Kris Dunn isn’t really. Even with all the talent that the Wolves have, it’s the kind of talent that benefits from a rock-steady PG setting everything up. Ricky Rubio is dead forever, which is a shame, but we have to move on, and Tyus looks like maybe a better replacement right now than Dunn? I don’t know. Maybe just play Zach LaVine at PG again, remember how fun that was?

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