Zach LaVine Career High 37 Points/7 Threes Full Highlights (11/9/2016)

Does anyone else remember that pre-draft workout video where Zach LaVine was practicing his stepback jumpers, and they were all totally blatant travels? Just wondering, because these were the most ridiculous travels ever, like, did no coach ever pull him aside and say “what are you doing out there you’re walking all over the place!”?

Yes, I watch too many pre-draft workout videos. Those things are like crack when it’s the middle of a long NBA offseason. Don’t judge me, I know you watch them too, you pathetic scumbag.

Anyway, that video is irrelevant to this one, because LaVine has since refined his stepback mechanics and no longer takes infinity steps while performing them. He has also since refined all other parts of his game, so that he is now a legit scoring threat from almost anywhere on the floor. As seen in this video.

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