Jordan Clarkson 23 Points Full Highlights (11/12/2016)

It is never too early to start discussing 6MOTY candidates just like it is never too early to start discussing Christmas presents with your mom (I really need a new guitar and a skateboard. Mom are you reading this?). With Nick Young(?) apparently entrenched as the starter at shooting guard, Jordan Clarkson probably won’t start many games this year unless Young decides to do something stupid to get his minutes taken away. That means Clarkson and his easy fifteen points per game will be eligible for some 6MOTY hardware.

Side note: what does the 6MOTY trophy even look like? Or is there no trophy at all? If there is a trophy, and even if it’s an exceedingly rad trophy, the trophy itself is not the reward. The reward is playing well for your team in a reserve role and then being immortalized on the basketball-reference page that lists all the award winners for the year. There’s your name, right on the same page as the MVP winner and the Finals MVP. Clarkson might never win those awards, but he can definitely be appear in the same HTML file as players who have won those awards, which is way more than I will ever do.

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