Damjan Rudez 11 Points Full Highlights (11/16/2016)

The lowly grunt in the video room at the Amway Center was setting up a replay of the most recent made three-pointer. He didn’t know who had made the shot, or if it was important in the context of the game, but until something more exciting happened, replays of three-pointers were a good fallback option for the dead time after a foul or timeout.

Just as he was finishing up, the phone in the room began to ring. Knowing it could be somebody important with directions on how to edit the broadcast, he answered it. “Hello?”

“Do not show any replays of Rudez making threes. I repeat: do not show replays of Rudez threes. This is an official order.”

The video editor snickered. “Man, so secretive. Who’s calling?”

The voice on the other end did not share the man’s mirth. “Adam Silver.”

Immediately dropping his glib demeanor, the video editor replied, “Sorry, sir. Of course, sir. There will be no replays featuring Rudez making threes.”

“We must stop DownToBuck from reaching his stated goal of his highlight videos being a minute long,” Adam continued, seeming to speak more to himself than to the editor. “If we can sabotage him in this way, by limiting access to needed clip material such as replays, his channel will destroy itself from the inside out, as the quality of his content is lowered to the point of unwatchability.”

“Who’s DownToBuck?” the man asked, confused by the tangent this conversation had taken.

Instead of an answer, Adam roared with anger into the phone, then hung up. The man in the video room shrugged, put down the phone, and resumed work.

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