Nik Stauskas 15 Points Full Highlights (11/16/2016)

Good news for Nik “Sucksass” Stauskas fans: he’s actually shooting well from the field so far this year, which means he theoretically might have a little bit of a future in the league maybe.

However, his assist/turnover ratio is in the negatives right now, and it’s hampering my ability to use my newly created nickname for his assists: “Sucksassists”. He also is not a rebounder or a defender as far as I can tell. And, really, how long can we expect him to continue shooting 65% from two-point range. I counted at least three drives to the rim that I did not expect to work at all, and I will continue to not expect them to work until he proves he can consistently finish through contact for an entire season.

Back to some more good news: Kendall Marshall’s dad is no longer around to complain about Sucksass getting all the minutes!

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