Kent Bazemore 21 Points Full Highlights (11/27/2016)

When your team’s commentators start talking about how you’re “back” or how you’re “confident” after making just one or two shots, you know something has gone wrong. There’s no reason for them to say those things about a player who has been playing well. Nobody ever talks about LeBron or Durant needing “confidence”. In Kent Bazemore’s case, something clearly had gone wrong in the past few games.

0-6, 3-13, and 1-9 were Bazed God’s shooting performances in the three games prior to this one. That’s not quite grounds for revocation of the “Bazed God” nickname, but it’s close. Now it makes sense why the Hawks commentary crew was so pleased with Bazed God hitting shots that I thought were routine for him after his good season last year. The Hawks still didn’t win this game and have now lost five of six, but at least Bazed God is back on track! (until he has another run of poor shooting sometime in the next week)

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