Pascal Siakam 11 Points Full Highlights (11/28/2016)

Here’s a fun fact for you fun fact enthusiasts out there (I know you get your rocks off on these depraved factoids): Pascal Siakam is currently leading all players in the underwhelming 2016 draft in terms of winshares. He’s got a grand total of .7 of them, edging out Jamal Murray who has only .6. Jakob Poeltl is sixth on the list but he can’t even beat out Siakam for minutes so forget about that.

I can hear your whining, pathetic voice right now: “But DEE TEE BEEEEEE, Joel Embiid is also a rookie even if he wasn’t drafted in that class! He’s way better than this skinny guy named after a programming language!”

Hahaha. Wrong, friendo. Joel Embiid only has .4 winshares this year, and as you and I both know, winshares are the only metric you can use to evaluate the worth of a player. Therefore, Pascal Siakam is better than Joel Embiid by a significant margin, and takes the crown of “best rookie so far”. He won’t win rookie of the year because everybody is obsessed with counting stats (Michael Carter-Williams waves hello from his hospital bed), but he will win the RWTMWS award when all is said and done. I dare you to guess what that acronym stands for.

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