Kent Bazemore 22 Points Full Highlights (11/30/2016)

I don’t even know why I keep making Kent Bazemore highlights when it’s been conclusively concluded that nobody watches the damn things. Actually, I do know the reason: it’s because I secretly hate myself and have a twisted desire to see my highlight videos fail. When I see that view count stuck in the low thousands, or, even better, below a thousand, it’s like the universe is affirming the utter worthlessness of my life. The universe is saying, “Hey DTB, your videos stink and you stink too, you’re just a composition of atoms but those atoms would be better used elsewhere.”

So, if you’re reading this description having not yet watched the video, just don’t even watch it. YouTube doesn’t count a view as a view if you only watch two seconds or if you only read the video description. By not viewing this video you’ll actually make me feel better in some perverted sense of the word. Maybe one day the universe will really take all my atoms away, blessedly putting an end to the highlight-fueled charade of my life, and all that will be left is a legacy of underperforming Kent Bazemore videos. And maybe those atoms will go to a good home where they don’t contribute to the pollution of the internet with uninteresting scoring performances from mediocre role players. That would really be the best outcome for everybody involved.

All clips property of the NBA. No copyright infringement is intended.

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