John Henson 20 Points Full Highlights (12/3/2016)

The Bucks organization must have relented on some kind of “no Chipotle in the locker room” rule or something because John “Chipotle Fiend” Henson has been playing inspired basketball for the past few games. Now that Henson is finally able to enjoy multiple stuffed-to-bursting Chipotle burritos before every game and even during halftime, he shows up activated and involved on offense. Who knew that a simple combination of steak, rice, beans, and guac could turn on his motor like that?

If Henson keeps playing like this, he will be the first Bucks center to live up to his contract, something like 40 million over four years. Greg Monroe also could live up to his contract by getting traded. Miles Plumlee, on the other hand, will never, ever, ever live up to his contract, no matter how many pregame burritos he gets to eat. In fact, I bet Plumlee would just get bogged down and sleepy from pregame burritos, unlike Henson, who thrives on them.

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