Pascal Siakam 14 Points Full Highlights (12/3/2016)

Forget what I said about Dario Saric being the second-best rookie so far this season. I take that back. It isn’t the wrongest thing I’ve ever claimed in one of these godforsaken description boxes, but it was still wrong. You get one chance to guess who I REALLY think the second-best rookie is. One chance, which might seem unfair, but this one is super easy… just look at the video title… who are you watching a video of?

Nate Wolters? Is, uh, that your final answer? No, no reason. It’s just, you know, you’re watching a vid of a certain Cameroonian-born Raptors rookie who is exceeding expectations and playing within his role…

Fine. Sticking with Nate Wolters. If you insist. Sorry, but your answer is incorrect. The correct answer is: Pascal Siakam!

Nate Wolters isn’t even in the league anymore, and if he was, he wouldn’t be a rookie. Alright? That’s like two things that immediately disqualify him from being the second-best rookie this season. If the question was “who was the best second-round pick from the 2013 NBA draft”, maybe you’d be correct. But that wasn’t the question, and I don’t even know how you got this one so wrong. Were you thinking of Henry Ellenson?

Anyway, yeah, Siakam has been pretty good this year. Nothing amazing, he’s not flashy like Embiid or Saric, but as I said he plays his role well and doesn’t try to do stuff he can’t do (usually). I would offer Bruno Caboclo the advice to play more like Siakam, but if adopted the strategy of only doing stuff he could do, he wouldn’t end up doing anything.

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