JaMychal Green 18 Points Full Highlights (12/31/2016)

JaMychal Green made four three-pointers in this game. If he wasn’t a stretch-four before, he definitely is now. And, not only is he a really real stretch-four, but he is officially, by no stretch of the imagination, one of the PREMIER stretch-fours in the NBA.

DTB’S OFFICIAL PREDICTION: Some team will hype themselves too hard looking at JaMychal’s 37% three-point shooting (assuming that number holds up) and give him a too-large contract in the off-season. It might even be the Grizzlies who do this. Remember, JaMychal is a premier stretch four, but he is also just a hustle guy who hustles hard at all times. He’s never going to go out and score eighteen points per game for you. Any team paying him to be a featured offensive threat or even anything more than an elite role-player is going to find that their hype for his shooting percentages will die very quickly, to be replaced with dread that his oversized contract is on the books for four more years.

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