Vince Carter 14 Points Full Highlights (12/31/2016)

If I’m a Kings fan, I’m pissed off right now. Actually, it’s morning now here in America, so the anger has probably subsided. But I definitely would have been pissed off as heck last night. The Grizzlies set their franchise record with seventeen made three-pointers, fielding a team that, on the surface, doesn’t seem like it should ever be able to make that many threes. The hypothetical Kings fan in me would be so mad.

It would have been okay if Chandler Parsons had been doing all the damage. He once made ten threes in a half or something crazy like that. But he only contributed one of the seventeen. No, it was Vince Carter (old), JaMychal Green (not known as a shooter), Mike Conley (big contract), and Troy Daniels (troy daniels) who did most of the three-point making.

Kings fans already have a lot of things to be mad about and now they have to add “Old Man Vince Carter Canning Four Triples” to that list. I feel bad for them.

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