Eric Gordon 31 Points Full Highlights (1/2/2017)

A couple years ago, I felt like Eric Gordon didn’t get the credit he deserved for being a lethal three-point shooter with the Pelicans. He was second-best in the league in the 2014-15 season, shooting almost 45 percent. And no one cared.

Now, everyone cares about Eric Gordon and his routine bombing raids from deep. Part of it is the “James Harden Effect”, where role-players who can help James Harden achieve triple-doubles are more highly recognized. But the main thing is, he’s shooting better than Curry (both of them) right now, making more threes on a better percentage. The kind of stats he’s putting up are the stats that will get you noticed in this three-point loving era.

I admit, I kind of thought Gordon was done after all those injury-plagued seasons. If not done, then severely limited. He’s not the same hyper-athlete he once was, dunks for him being few and far between, but he’s still maintaining that hype he had back with the Clippers.

That was so long ago. Damn.

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