Jodie Meeks 23 Points/6 Threes Full Highlights (1/2/2017)

Last time I made a Jodie Meeks video, I mistakenly put “42 Points” in the title. I was thinking about that time he actually did score that many points, and being the dumbass that I am, my brain communicated the wrong commands to my typing fingers. I fixed the mistake fairly quickly, but not before I received previously unknown insight into the viewing preferences of NBA highlights-consumers.

That video, while it was mistitled, got tons of views very quickly, way more than this one is going to get, despite it being the same caliber of performance. Here’s my hypothesis: you guys want to watch vids of players scoring 40+ points more than you want to watch videos showing 20 or fewer points. Seems weird to me, but I guess I can see that.

I wonder if DawkIns and GD know about this yet? They keep uploading highlights of players scoring only 4 or 5 points in favor of the bigger names having bigger games.

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