Jusuf Nurkic 15 Points Full Highlights (1/2/2017)

“Hey Nikola,” Jusuf Nurkic said, approaching his teammate in the locker room. “We need have conversation.”

Nikola Jokic looked up from putting on his shoes and gave Jusuf a wary look. “Sure.”

“Everybody on the team hate you,” Jusuf stated bluntly, having already figured out the lie he would tell his teammate to hurt his feelings the most. “I organizing a fun party tonight with teammates but Nikola not invited because our hate for him so strong.”

“That’s fine,” Nikola said, shrugging.

“Fun party with lots of women,” Jusuf continued. “Here, I finding pictures of them on internet so you see what hot women you miss out on.” He held up his phone to Nikola’s face, forcing him to look at what was on the screen.

“Jusuf, that’s just a porn video,” Nikola said, raising his eyebrows at the risque scene playing in front of him. “I doubt you got that chick to go to your party.”

Jusuf took his phone back angrily. “Actually, that chick and more will attending the party, but Nikola doesn’t get to touch or see because he not invited to the fun party. We will also spend party time talking about hatred for Nikola and how he ruin team by suck at basketball.”

Nikola smiled. “That’s weird, because a bunch of the guys actually invited me out to some nightclub tonight, so if you’re having a party tonight I’m not sure how many people are gonna make it. Were you not invited to that one?”

“Oh, uh, they cancelled the nightclub so they could hang out with me and we eat pizza and bang chicks,” Jusuf replied quickly, his face turning red. “I was definitely invite to nightclub but teammates think my party more fun.”

“I’ll head down there anyway. Even if everybody cancelled so they could hang out with hot chicks at your party, nightclubs can be fun when you’re by yourself too, and there’s probably no shortage of hot chicks.”

“Chicks hate you too. I asked them. They say your penis too small,” Jusuf said angrily, feeling left out of the real party that he had apparently not been included in. “So now everybody in world hate you and everybody love me and wanting to hang out with me and hot chicks and pizza.”

With this blistering retort, Jusuf left the locker room, wondering sadly which nightclub it was that his teammates were supposed to be going to.

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