Kay Felder 12 Points Full Highlights (1/2/2017)

Last time I made a Kay Felder vid, it got three dislikes very shortly after getting uploaded. Way too quick, especially because I hadn’t said anything negative about Felder in the description. Since they weren’t disliking the description, there was only one other thing for them to dislike: Kay Felder THE PLAYER.

That’s right: there are THREE Kay Felder HATERS on the INTERNET. RIGHT NOW.

Thanks to YouTube’s hidden advanced analytics tools, I was able to gather their IP addresses. The IP addresses they use to spread their HATRED of KAY FELDER. I’m not telling you to ruin these guys lives or anything, but… actually yeah I am. The power of Internet hackers must sometimes be wielded for the good of humanity; this is one of those times.

Here are their IP addresses:

I might be running afoul of some anti-hacker legislation, but I want these jerk-offs DDOSed to hell and back, as punishment for their unwarranted HATE of Kay Felder. Make me proud.

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