Nikola Jokic 21 Points/5 Assists Full Highlights (1/2/2017)

Nikola Jokic’s passing ability (or simply his willingness TO pass) must be rubbing off on his teammates; the Nuggets had 33 assists tonight, with everyone who played notching between 2 and 5 of them. That’s teamwork right there! It didn’t lead to a win, because Warriors, but otherwise, a great team performance.

The Nuggets are certainly more fun to watch than I expected going into the season. Sometimes. Sometimes nothing goes right and they just look like garbage, but that can be said for almost every team in the league, so its not so bad. Jokic alone is getting to be good enough to make the minutes he plays compelling viewing. He’s not up there with the “he’s playing so I must watch” superstars in the league, but he’s not super far off.

Also, he makes tons of dopey faces, which makes it really easy for me to find good thumbnail images for my vids. That’s an underrated part of the game that I don’t think enough people pay attention to. Nerlens Noel is maybe the only one in the league better than Magic Jokson in that area.

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