Steven Adams 20 Points/3 Blocks Full Highlights (1/2/2017)

I try to remain as neutral as possible while watching NBA games. Nothing good comes of letting one’s emotions be dictated by a bunch of roided-up monsters putting a little ball in a slightly bigger hoop.

But I couldn’t help myself tonight. As the Thunder made their first 1000 shots from the field, with Steven Adams leading the way, I turned into a being made of pure raging anger. “Why is that hippie kicking our ass? Henson, you wimp! Do something about it! AAAAAHHHHH!” I also said some other stuff which isn’t family friendly. I apologize to all my neighbors who definitely heard me screaming at the top of my lungs.

I mean, it was pretty ridiculous. Looking back on it, I’d say about 50 percent of my fury was justified. Happily, the Bucks ended up winning because Adams only scored a couple times in the second half (and because Westbrook chucked his team out of the game). Take that, Thunder fan! On this night, I am the superior human being to you.

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