Tyreke Evans 29 Points Full Highlights (1/12/2017)

Good news for Pelicans fans: Tyreke Evans is alive! Not only alive, but alive just in time to counteract the untimely death of Anthony Davis. He had been alive for a few games before this one, but at varying levels. Some nights, he would look positively full of vigor, and other nights he would look like an extra from The Walking Dead. Tonight, though, he shook off all the cobwebs, drank a ton of Gatorade, and torched the Nets for 29 points, looking like the Tyreke of old.

Major caveat: it was the Nets he did this against. They don’t have Anthony Bennett anymore, but the fact that they did at all tells you all you need to know about the quality of competition Reke-Havoc was facing. Joe Harris was guarding him for a bit. That’s like an invitation straight to the rim.

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