Cory Joseph 16 Points/7 Assists Full Highlights (1/13/2017)

I’m sitting here in my highlight-making chair just having made Cory Joseph highlights. And I’m impressed by what I saw from this guy. Is there something wrong with me? It’s been so long since I felt emotions, since I was anything other than a zombie sleepwalking through life, present yet detached. Is this because I had too many Sausage McMuffins for breakfast? Does gastrointestinal distress release chemicals in my brain that let me feel anything other than grey flatness?

CoJo went seven-of-seven from the field on a diet of jumpshots, drives, and floater. He also had seven assists, some of which were actually pretty good. This is the kind of performance that will get a certain subset of the population excited, but I long ago stopped experiencing enjoyment when watching basketball or, really, when doing anything at all. Maybe I’ve tricked myself into thinking I have emotions now. How would I be able to tell if that were the case?

I should have never made this video. Having to experience unpredictable emotions at any time sounds scary.

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