Dario Saric 15 Points/4 Threes Full Highlights (1/13/2017)

Philadelphia 76ers: winners of five of the last six. Do I have to take back all the mean things I said about them earlier? Their offense still is in the works (they don’t usually score very much in their wins) but their defense has been legit for a while now. Nobody would rank them the worst in the league right now. You probably wouldn’t even rank them #29. This is such significant progress for a team that has been trash for half a decade that I’m almost wondering whether I haven’t been slipped mind-control drugs by the CIA.

Dario Saric contributed to the win over the newly-healthy Hornets with some slick shooting and some slick turnovers. His win-shares appear to be in the positive numbers now. That’s progress too. One thing that hasn’t made much progress, however, is that mustache he insists on attempting to cultivate. I think it’s been composed of the same twenty wispy hairs for the entire season. None of the hairs have gotten longer and none have sprouted to fill in the empty spots. If the 76ers want to compete in the future they have to figure out some way for Saric to grow a full, bushy mustache. I happen to know that costume shops have fake mustaches you can buy if they want to speed up the rebuild even more.

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