James Johnson 10 Points/12 Assists Full Highlights (1/13/2017)

It seems like James Johnson has entirely skipped the “LeBron James” phase of his metamorphosis and has now become…Boris Diaw? Or something? He’s not as fat as the Big Croissant but he passes like him, can sometimes shoot threes like him, and is a savvy vet like him. All JaJo needs to do is start setting big meaty screens, buy an espresso machine for his locker, and quit on a team that he doesn’t want to play for, and then he’ll be Boris Diaw 1.0.1 for the modern age.

The only thing I ask is that I get some espresso too. You know, for being a staunch James Johnson supporter and all that. I’m too cheap to buy my own machine.

In addition to being cheap, I’m also lazy. Too lazy to look at the lineups for this game: I can’t verify, but James Johnson has allegedly been playing come center this year. That makes him a “point center” if you believe the meme. His passes in this game weren’t quite Jokic-level, but they were pretty good, so if JaJo did indeed play some center in this game (hard to get center minutes with Whiteside around), that officially makes him the third-best point center after Tubby Gasol and Nikola Jokic. Actually fourth-best, because I forgot Mason Plumlee. I’m probably forgetting more but don’t let my forgetfulness lessen the impact of my hard hitting point.

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