Malcolm Delaney 17 Points/6 Assists Full Highlights (1/13/2017)

Just a few days ago I made a Malcolm Delaney video (twelve points was a lot for him at the time), and in the description I just couldn’t stop throwing shade on him. Like if you had a blanket made out of anti-matter and threw it on top of him. That’s how much shade I was throwing. It was all over my hands and the floor when I was done. Yes, in the process of throwing shade on Malcolm Delaney, I accidentally threw some shade on myself.

I take this improved performance as proof that NBA players really do watch my highlight videos. He probably read all about how I expected the Hawks to ship his heinie back to Europe and sign a real backup PG who can shoot and pass. He probably read all that and vowed to himself to show me up on national television. He also showed up that other point guard they have who played in Germany, but that was a secondary goal to proving me, the uninformed internet commentator, wrong.

Well, it worked. I have been proven wrong. I am cowed and Delaney is victorious. If the Hawks were really thinking about cutting him, they’re reconsidering their plans right now. Especially if they head on over to basketball-reference and peep at his win-shares: yup, they’re in the positives now!

I could pretend to be happy for Delaney but actually I’m more mad than anything right now. I’m going to cut off this description before I accidentally throw any more shade that will come back to bite me.

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