Rodney Hood 27 Points/7 Threes Full Highlights (1/13/2017)

Rodney Hood has basically been the same player for all three years in the league. His shooting percentages haven’t changed much and his rebounds and assists are static. Basically he’s upped his volume a small amount and stopped committing as many fouls. He could stand to be a little more consistent (he had a 4-of-21 three-point shooting stretch a few games ago), but otherwise you could tell me he was a rock-solid veteran in his tenth year and I would believe you. This prompts the question: is Rodney Hood done developing?

It’s okay if he is. He’s a very good role player and shooter at this point. Even if he never improves from this, his third season in the league, he’s the kind of player that teams want to have.

If he’s not done developing, where does he develop to? The ability to create his own shot more effectively? Explosive dunks like prime D-Wade (hint: he already does this sometime)? Point guard skills a la James Harden? If Jazz fans know how he’s going to develop or how they want him to develop, clue me in so I can talk about it in my next Hood description like I came up with all those ideas myself. If you hadn’t noticed, I’m chronically short on material and I certainly have no qualms stealing it from people who know more about their teams than I do.

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