Kent Bazemore 24 Points Full Highlights (1/15/2017)

The Atlanta Hawks paid $15 million a year to a guy who had only been an average offensive player for a part of one season, and are now pretending to be surprised that he sucks on offense this season.

I’m sure Kent Bazemore remains a good defender and all-around good teammate, but man, he can’t shoot for beans this year. I blame all those fawning articles that were written about him, telling us how he revamped his game and how happy is in Atlanta and all that crap. Those articles are career killers. They killed Al Jefferson’s career, and now they’re killing Bazed God’s career as well.

He’s not the worst contract in the league, not even close to it, because at least he will always offer good bench celebrations. So it could be worse. The Hawks could have paid Miles Plumlee tons of money to sit around and do nothing. At least Bazemore does something. It may not be good something, but it’s something.

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