Montrezl Harrell 16 Points Full Highlights (1/15/2017)

Just because Montrezl “Mon-Trezzle” Harrell has scored 28 and 29 points in separate games this year doesn’t mean I can’t make highlights when he scores just sixteen, right? He’s still an exciting and active player even when he’s not making every other big man on his team totally irrelevant through monster scoring performances. And, let’s be really realistically real for a moment, it’s not like Harrell scoring almost thirty is going to happen very often in the next few years. Those were outlier games. “Outlier” is a fancy math term meaning it doesn’t usually happen. Guys like Harrell who rely on others to create looks for them aren’t going to be consistent 20 PPG scorers.

So we’ve conclusively concluded that I get to keep making highlight videos for Mon-Trezzle even if he’s not scoring in the high twenties. But SHOULD I make those highlight videos when he only dunks it one time? It was a really sick slam, but it was only one sick slam. Harrell videos benefit greatly from the presence of multiple sick slammy-whams, and they suffer when there are too many layups. This video suffers for that reason. Somebody tell Harden to throw more lobs so I don’t feel so guilty making subpar Harrell highlight videos.

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