Robert Covington 21 Points/3 Blocks Full Highlights (1/29/2017)

Robert Covington achieved something last night. It wasn’t quite a five by five, but it was close. It was…the fabled “scrub by five”! He had 21 points, 12 rebounds, and three each of assists, steals, and blocks. So, not only did he meet the official threshold of a scrub by five (getting at least two in the five main statistical categories), he actually did it one better by getting three in every category.

We need a new name for this achievement. It’s no longer a scrub by five. It’s better than a scrub by five. It’s one better. “Role player by five” is too cumbersome to say even if it captures perfectly the essence of the accomplishment. “Five by three” is also accurate but it’s not funny enough (DTB is all about the laffs). You could just call it a “Robert Covington” since he seems like the kind of player who would be prone to amassing three of every stat, but nobody really knows who Covington is so it wouldn’t have widespread adoption.

This is harder than it seems. For now I’ll just call it the “Atleastthreepointsthreereboundsthreeassiststhreestealsandthreeblocks” (all said in one breath) until a better name is formulated.

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