DeAndre’ Bembry 10 Points Full Highlights (2/2/2017)

I’m cool with apostrophes pretty much anywhere in a players’ name. Put one at the beginning, before any letters, that’s cool. Jam some in the middle, I’m down with that. You can even crunch a bunch of them all together, like five in a row, it’s your name, do whatever the heck you want man. I don’t judge.

But at the end? Nuh uh. That’s a little over the line my friend. DeAndre’ Bembry. Notice the apostrophe? Right at the end of his first name? Ridiculous. That’s not where apostrophes go unless it’s a possessive and the noun ends with an S. How in Satan’s red hellhole am I supposed to type this sentence: “DeAndre”s whole look seems like it was stolen from an ABA player, probably Artis Gilmore”. That’s two apostrophes in a row, which I said i was cool with before, but I changed my mind, I’m definitely not cool with two apostrophes in a row.

Good news is I’m never EVER doing DeAndre’ Bembry highlights again EVER because his name has made me so mad.

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