Andre Iguodala 22 Points Full Highlights (2/10/2017)

Remember when LeBron James reaped Andre Iguodala’s soul when he blocked him in the finals? I thought for sure that Andre would never find his soul again and then he would proceed through life as nothing but an animated organ sack devoid of emotion or thought, but it seems like he located his lost soul and some point and, as a result, can still be an effective basketball player. His per-36 scoring has taken a hit with the addition of Kevin Durant, and while he still gets plenty of minutes, he rarely does anything with them other than provide “intangibles”. Among his “intangibles” are having a soul, having four functioning limbs, having a ring, being old, and being like a mini-LeBron so his teammates can get used to having LeBron around before the Finals happen.

22 points is by far Iggy’s season high. Six field goals are a season high. Eight made free throws are a season high (previous high was three). Having three season highs in the same game is a season high, so it’s actually four season highs, which is still a season high in season highs. Good job! Great effort!

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