Tim Hardaway Jr. 25 Points Full Highlights (2/13/2017)

Tim Hardaway Jr. is averaging twenty points per game in the month of February. On 48% shooting and 40% from three. I get that he’s in a contract year, but those are numbers I thought were well beyond his reach, especially when he’s probably the third option on the Hawks after Schroder and Millsap. Junior is currently proving that he can be a CORE piece for a solid playoff team, and if the Hawks decide that he’s not part of their CORE, there’s a bunch of other teams out there who would love to supplement their CORE with a true scoring-first shooting guard like THJ.

I just went back and looked at his February numbers and my mind, which was already blown, was blown again. It was re-blown. Twenty points per game is nuts, even when considering the small sample size. It will be a while before he enters the “top shooting guards” discussion, if he enters it at all, but he has made a believer out of me, and it seems like he could definitely enter that discussion at some point. Before this streak I would have been like “ehhh maybe, but nah, nah dude, nah”. Now I’m like “heck yeah, THJ top ten shooting guard in the league could definitely happen in the next three years”. I hate how soft I’ve become.

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